Saturday, June 02, 2007

2008 Election

Im not a liberal. Not because of my "Evangelical roots" but because I'm conservative. That's my answer. Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, Mit Romney, Rudy Guilliani and John McCain are not conservative. They all may try to align themselves more toward the center of the American political perspective but none are conservative. There is one potential Presidential candidate that is conservative and his name is Fred Dalton Thompson. The actor, the politician. He's from Tennessee and is a former Senator. Some of his most infamous roles have been in "Law and Order", "The Hunt for Red October", "Days of Thunder" and on and on. Fred is an actor and Fred is 6"7 (as in 6 foot 7 inches tall). Fred has a record of voting against abortion, for 2nd Amendment rights and is very clear about his stance towards terrorism and finishing the war that the enemy has begun. Click here to see his stance on "The Issues". Fred is very good as a communicator and has a very commanding presence. I think Fred would make a good President. Heck, all of the previously mentiioned candidates would make a good President, but Fred is conservative, so he would make a good conservative President. Run, Fred, Run. Read his blog here or subscribe to his pod cast here. You might like.



At 6/04/2007, Anonymous M West said...

I think I like this guy...I hope he can maintain his health.


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