Monday, June 04, 2007

More George Bailey, Less Mr. Potter

By Life & Times guest blogger Tony Taylor

Last night my friend Bob came over to hang out with me. Bob is a solid guy, knows a great deal about every topic you could present in true Cliff Clavin fashion. I met Bob at a Cigar Shop in Lake Worth (a seaside SoFlo community) I frequent and sometimes hang out and sit a spell in… Whenever you hear about the health detriments of smoking I think the social benefits of the occasional smoke should also well be mentioned. We had some take out, lit up some Camacho Nicaraguan Maduro’s and had a great conversation catching up on each other’s lives, Bob was relating to me this new ministry he has started where he teaches boys who don’t have fathers how to bass fish and mentor and minister to them. Now Bob did this not ought of any obligation to a church, not out of any self gain; in fact it is very financially hard for him to carry this out. Bob felt that this was the best way he could serve His Savior.
Today I went to see a pastor friend of mine speak at his church’s main service. Now after the services, as I was leaving I had to opportunity to briefly converse with his parents before I left. Now, I have been doing a lot of soul searching and introspection lately about if I should be in New York, If I should be doing what I am doing, am I using my gifts fully now… The stuff that I think drives most Thirty-something’s crazy. Well, without missing a beat, out of the blue, my friend’s father gave me some words and advice that really meant a lot to me and spoke volumes in two or three sentences.
Anyway, what I really realized today is that when you surround yourself with the right people, you will never cease to be amazed at what you can learn, what you can find, and what you need to do. I am beginning to realize how important it is to just listen sometimes. I would encourage all of you this week, just to spend time with those people that have an impact on your life or you know you could have an impact on theirs. My post last month dealt with the lack of time free time. Well, I have been in Florida for almost 3 days now relaxing and reconnecting with people and I cannot convey strongly enough to you how important it is continue growing the strong relationships and friendships in your lives. I want to really make a huge effort to begin to be more the “George Bailey” in my community and less the “Mr Potter.” I’d encourage all of you the same.



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