Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The perils of being portable......

We are into our 10th year of being a portable church, so when it comes to frustration, I understand all of the frustrations that come with a portable church, I have been at Calvary for 7 of of those years. Any way, a couple of weeks ago we lost storage at our Sunday location (Jupiter High School). It was very fun scrambling to find more space for all of our equipment (besides that which is stored on cube trucks). Well that same week the principal from our Wednesday night venue (Independence Middle School) told us we lost our storage there too! What a dilemma. We have a Student Ministry cube truck, but it has been out of commission for about a year and a half. There were some serious axle bearing issues and we decided to hold of on repairs. Well hold off no more! We have gotten the truck fixed and ready to fill as we have been inconvenienced again and will have to move all of our boxes, etc. from outside to inside instead of from the nice, convenient storage that sat on stage. I know our band is disappointed as well as our worship leader (Jeff) and me. The countdown is on to the completion of our new facility! Are you part of a portable church? What are your frustrations? Have you had any surprises lately?



At 9/26/2007, Blogger Preston Porter said...

we too have had storage taken away, returned, surprise corporate inspections (we meet at a theater so we had to move trailers and pods) we've had mistakes in movie time so people ready to watch King Kong find themselves in the middle of our tear down and get mad AT US

Many many other things but like you said it actually pretty fun becaue you get to see God do his thing because otherwise we would never make it

great post (for portables)

At 9/26/2007, Anonymous mark Rodriguez said...

Dude we're so portable...

One of the Pro's about being portable is that everyone has an opportunity to get down and dirty... even the guy that show's up late and hungover on sunday.

But the cons: are many... for example I'm supposed to be at the movie theater, where we do Sunday, loading my F150 with all the equipment we need for our youth gathering tonight (the youth meet at an episcopal church) but can't do it cause it's pouring... Ugh!

At 9/26/2007, Blogger Kevin said...

We have a about 30 elementary age kids in a small group ministry that takes place on Sunday nights at the same school we use on Wednesday. The first night we ran the ministry we waited outside of the locked school for an hour and a half before someone showed up to let us in. That was fun....


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