Thursday, March 06, 2008

Back on the main-land

After a couple of weeks in the middle of no where we are back in Moscow. Being in Siberia was kind of like being on an island in the middle of the ocean. It was so nice to eat an omelet for breakfast this morning! It's also nice knowing we will be back in America next week. It could come sooner. The boys have been great for the given situation. Considering they have left an orphanage they have never been out of, been in a car for the first time, flown an airplane and slept in several different beds in less than a week, we cannot complain. Here are some pic's from the flight. You should have seen Romans face when we were boarding, it really was priceless.



At 3/06/2008, Anonymous jody said...

What troopers those boys are! So much change in so little time! It won't be long now... we're praying all goes smoothly and they transition well back to the states. They are going to LOVE Florida!! Wonder what the boys will think of your dog?

At 3/06/2008, Blogger Lyndsey said...

That last picture is precious. Only 4 more days!


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