Thursday, October 27, 2005

Entertainment: More of Wilma.

Wilma was quite a hurricane. Much more than I excpected. The pictures on this post are sequential. The first picture I took during the second half of the storm. It was pretty nasty. Then you can see the eye wall as it passed by.

That was eerie! You know how on the Weather Channel they talk about the eye wall and how it will pass and so on and so forth? Well, its true! We saw it!!! Its the real deal! Nice picture, huh? We had no damage but alot of mess in the yard. It only took about an hour for us to clean up our yard. The next picture you will see is about 2 miles down the street form us. I dont know, I guess about 9-10 electric poles were broken like twigs. Kinda crazy!I have been through many hurricanes (most were really sissy storms) but this one will sit in my mind as the strongest storm.

We still have no electricity. So, we have to depend on others for wash, oven all of the stuff you take for granted. My parents house suffered some minor damage, while Bethany & David (my sis and bro-in-law) had some damage too. It seems like life is on hold. Gas lines are literally hours long, and Starbucks doesnt even have pasteries available!!! Speaking of Starbucks, I must give them props! I am writing this post from our local franchise. Its a beautiful thing wireless net!! Enjoy the pics. I will have more video available soon.


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