Monday, November 21, 2005

Adoption: One Easy Life.

Our Home Study is complete and ready to go into the stack of MASSIVE paperwork. It took 2 months to get the Home Study completed. As I read through the document our Social Worker put together I came to one conclusion: I have had one easy life. I have pasted a piece of the document to let you in on my life a little. I have included some thoughts through out.......

"Christopher has a good relationship with his family and keeps in contact through telephone calls and visits {(pretty much daily & weekly)}. He grew up in Kentucky, Florida and New Hampshire {(25 years of which have been in sunny, easy going SoFlo)} . Chris’s family is aware of the couple’s plan to adopt and all are supportive of this plan. {(I would put it this way, they are more excited than Iam sometimes, really.)}
Christopher remembers being disciplined through rare spankings, {(like 7 or so....)} stern verbal reprimands, removal of privileges and disapproving looksfrom his parents. {( particullarly my mom)} He states this was effective in making him want to abide by the family rules. {(I was scared soft, never really rebelled)} His parents were firm but fair.{( They were and are still incredibly nice)} Christopher plans to help his children understand the reason for their actions and why it is important to make good choices. He has happy memories of observing his parent’s commitment to marriage and family {(for 39 years)} and of family vacations camping {(my dad bought a pop-up camper!!)} and visiting extended family and friends. {(we moved to New Hampshire to be close to my moms family)} He remembers his family as being emotionally close and supportive of him and his sister.{(we often had "Family Meetings")} Christopher does not feel much was missing from his childhood. {( Need I say more?)}


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