Monday, November 14, 2005

Entertainment: Old School.

On Saturday I took a bunch of middle schoolers to our local Christian music festival. It was one of those days you kinda dont look forward to. It was an all day thing, and I have had my fair share of concert-going. As a matter of fact, I could care less if I ever go to another concert again. I know this sounds jerky, but its true. Anyway, I was not that excited about going to this festival. We all knew that KJ-52 was going to be on one of the side stages. KJ-52 is a hip hopper that has been around for some time now. A few years ago he got some bad press from MTV and VH1 for "dissin'" Eminem. He really didn't, but anyway... I remember the first time I saw KJ, it was probably 10-12 years ago. At the time his stage name was King J Mack. I remember clearly thinking, he was going to go somewhere as an MC. He can really move the crowd. That was then, lets see if he still has it. I mean the guy is pushing 30 (he might even be older?). Can he still move a crowd AND glorify God? Well I was about to find out Saturday. As the concert was about to begin, I noticed there were sound issues and a rather large crowd. Some of my middle school students were anxiously awaiting KJ. Finally, he comes out on stage. Right off the bat, I knew he was on it. He opened with a great song off of his new album. The crowd was moving and happy. KJ was right on. He brought the goods (as an MC, enterntainer and messenger of truth). Check out the video and enjoy!!


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