Thursday, November 17, 2005

Entertainment: More 80's Crap.

Well here we go again. For those of you who enjoy tv nostalgia here is a real peice of American history. This little clip is dedicated to {ping} & Mr. Preacher who were so touched by yours truley and my last post about the amazing decade of the 80's. I cant believe I watched this show and thought it was cool.


At 11/18/2005, Anonymous ba said...

The 80's rock!

I found a site for you

They specifically talk about "chinhawks"

At 11/20/2005, Blogger Bryon Mondok said...

you said, "crap." heh-heh

At 11/20/2005, Blogger Bryon Mondok said...

I'm trying to forget the 80's and but that's all anyone wants to talk about. Come on!


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