Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Great Experiment: Day 17

We have entered into a new era in family television viewing. On Sunday my wife surprised me with a new "toy". For several months I have been telling her about the direction that we needed to go with our media center. I thought the best way would be with a MacMini, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. We had experimented a little bit with the G4 PowerBook. Well, you guessed it, the new toy is an Intel MacMini, with keyboard (we had already purchased a mouse). So I am writing this with our new setup. We are able watch DVD's from it (Waynes World was the first), view web based videos (like YouTube, StupidVideos and others). NBC has been talking up their new webisodes of The Office. They made thier debut tonight. Short but sweet. If you are interested in going this direction with your media center I highly recommend the MacMini as it is just the right size and packs a serious BOOM for speed and accessories. I really hope that LOST and some of the other shows that we favor will be available streaming in the fall. If anyone gets any inside news, please let me know by leaving a comment. I will update on the Great Experiment next week. (Screen capture above - that's me writing this post on my living room couch with the Bluetooth keyboard on the coffee table, mouse in hand and yeah, Powerbook next to it. Picture was taken with an Apple iSight.)


At 7/14/2006, Blogger freddy said...

so the tv acts like a monitor and stuff.. like a computer but much larger view? sounds cool..


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