Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What Weekend?

Over the past years I have been involved with vocational ministry I have had to learn many things. One thing in particular is this fact: you do not have a conventional weekend. When I worked a "regular" job, weekends were pretty much what I lived my life for. I remember going to work on Mondays thinking "only five more days till Saturday". I haven't thought that way since I became a full time ministry guy. Weekends typically are chock-full of church or ministry oriented happenings. Take for example this past weekend: On Friday I went to a friends church to speak to students at a conference. I was there till Saturday evening around 9, then hopped on the Florida Turnpike south to head home so I could be ready for Sunday morning church, which is always a little crazy, but cool. Then in the afternoon I had to pick up a few items for a Sunday evening high school activity (a bon-fire party). My Sunday didn't end until midnight (after giving students rides home). Like I said, weekends are a lot different than they were previously in my life. I think I like them the way they are.


At 7/11/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats up dude!
hey why don't you pose with ronald on your myspace pic! tell me more about the upcoming picnic! i will be helping with the cooking! we should organize an ultimate frizbee game or something of that sort! have you played ultimate frizbee?

Your buddies,
Chris and Caitlin A.


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