Monday, July 17, 2006

Some Great Beaches.

I have had the privilege of growing up close to the ocean my whole life. Whether it was in sunny south Florida or the seacoast of New Hampshire there was always a beach close by. To me there is a sense of comfort and This weekend Penny and I took our church interns to the Florida Keys for a little "thank you" to them for their hard work and servants hearts. While traveling the "Overseas Highway" (US 1) I was reminded of the beauty of the ocean and the warm Atlantic waters. Here are the best beaches I have ever been to:

Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica - This is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. If you aren't familiar with Costa Rica then just believe me, its amazing, you must go! This National Park has mountains that roll right up to the shore leaving about 20 feet of private sandy beach. There are iguanas, monkeys and sloth's roaming around and there are great climbing and hiking areas all around completing the unrealistic experience. Oh yeah, the water temp is around 88 degrees, no too shabby. (I actually climbed the large rock to the far right in the picture!)
Three Palms, Jupiter Beach, Florida - We call this "our beach" because it's literally a five minute drive from our house. Called Three Palms because there was three palm trees right on the beach until last year when our friend Wilma blew one of the trees down. Usually very quiet, not too many crowds. The water is like a crystal green and very warm from May till December. If you ever are in the Jupiter area, this is a must visit.
Siesta Key Beach, Florida - We went to this beach a couple of years ago and experienced the quartz crystal sand. In the middle of the summer this sand is still very cool on the feet. The water is very calm and clear although the crowds can be a pain. Our family vacation will be at Siesta Key this year.
Short Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine - As a kid growing up in New Hampshire this Maine beach was our destination for family beach-going pleasure. The beach itself may not be a beautiful specimen (dark, cold water) but the surroundings are great. The smell of fresh ocean breezes are ample. There is a bowling alley, typical rugged Maine coastline rocks to climb on and the best ice cream known to man all within a five minute walk.
Folly Beach, South Carolina - My sister-in-law was married in a beachside house on this beach. I really loved the small beach town atmosphere. We rented some bikes and rode around till we got to this old abandoned military base that was right on the ocean. We walked around the place and got to the edge of the ocean inlet that leads to Charleston harbor. WOW! It was an absolutely wonderful sight.

So what are some of your favorite beaches?


At 7/26/2006, Blogger Preston Porter said...

trunk bay St John

At 1/31/2011, Blogger Pyro said...

One of the best beaches that i've visited was in Property Sunshine Coast is great because the climate there are mild..and I really like boating and fishing.. and they have the best fishing spots there..the folks are very friendly and generous too..


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