Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Palm Beach gangs.

I know you may take a double look at the title. You typically don't associate Palm Beach with gangs. It's usually wealth, beaches, shopping, plastic surgery, but not thuggery, gangs. Last night Penny and I were watching ABC Nightly News and caught a whole segment on gangs in PB County. It was poignant and sad. I know this problem first hand through the student Ministry that I oversee here. Just 2 weeks ago I was on the phone with our local gang unit because of a student involved with a gang. He was fearing his life and wanted out. The gang unit said there is no way out, except by death. Crazy. There is another student in our ministry that was involved with a gang at 12. He got out because he was just a runner. He came into a relationship with Jesus Christ just a year later. A story of hope. You can read the transcript of the ABC report here.



At 2/21/2007, Anonymous mike brunjes said...

That is crazy.

I started blogging again. New blog, check it out, mbrunjes.wordpress.com


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