Thursday, February 22, 2007

Satans Sex Ed.

My boy Kevin from posted this video on his blog. Check out Satan's responses to questions on masturbation, porn, homosexuality and other "taboos" of sexuality. WARNING: not for the faint of heart.



At 2/22/2007, Blogger Esther said...

Ah yes. I laughed as this was such a funny dipiction of Satan. But seriously, so sad, you have to laugh or cry. I have three sons. One just turned twelve today. We look at life with the motto "we are raising men". Parents have to be aware of all this, what's on the internet, u-tube, and be able to discuss with our "young-men" and "young-ladies" we are raising. Just the other day I gave my 12yr old a hug and told him I know how difficult it is out there for teenage boys, with all the overwhelming amounts of scantily clad women & porn available. All men want to look at women. Been going on for thousands of years.

We have to raise our sons and daughters well. We have to raise them to live by our examples and live with integrity.

Have you read the book "Dateable". It's fabulous. I bought it at the Christian bookstore.....Great for preteens & teens.


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