Thursday, September 27, 2007

Crazy Day

Another day in the life of me. Crazy. Up at the butt crack of dawn, quiet time, off to campus #1 (middle school club), to church office, off to campus #2 (high school lunch), back to office, back to campus #1 again (meet with campus police), quick lunch at BK, home to eat, off to campus #3 (pre-game meal with football team, prayer), home. Now I await 8 PM Smallville season 7 premiere and most importantly The Office season 4 premiere, 9 PM. I'm giddy. Jumpin' for joy. I will post after the episode. Peace.

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At 9/28/2007, Anonymous Darlene said...

I actually stopped watching Smallville last season. I didn't even know that the premiere was on. I just happened to have that channel on and saw that it was coming on so I watched it. I have to say that was pretty intense. I think I'm going to rent season 6 so I can catch up.


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