Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why I love college football

The past two days have been a great example of the reason I love college football:
Unranked Colorado beats #3 Oklahoma
Unranked Auburn beats #4 Florida (no comment, just know I'm a Gator hater!)
#18 South Florida beats #5 West Virginia (representin' FLA!)
Unranked Kansas St. beats #7 Texas
Unranked Maryland beats #10 Rutgers
Unranked Georgia Tech beats #13 Clemson
Unranked Illinois beats #21 Penn State

Two other games of significance: My UM Canes struggled against a pathetic Duke squad (but they won and are 4-1) and Notre Dame lost again. They are 0 wins and 5 loses. That is enough to make my day, week, year. Can't stand those losin' Irish! How'd your school fare? Any upsets your way?



At 9/30/2007, Anonymous Sam said...

GOLDEN BEARS WIN! Cal will hopefully move up to 3 after a HUGE win at Oregon. So yeah, great weekend of college football.

At 9/30/2007, Blogger m brunjes said...

so are you pinning all your football hopes on USF now.

At 9/30/2007, Blogger J Dub said...

Hey Top Ten...

Watch out for the Cats!!!

At 9/30/2007, Blogger Chris Goeppner said...

no mike, I'm not pinning all of my hopes on the bulls. Ima cane, always have always will be. Its just fun watching them blossom. I have been following them since the beginning. Jim leavitt is a great coach.

At 9/30/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

on wisconsin

At 10/01/2007, Anonymous Darlene said...

I can't let the comment about Notre Dame slide. So they are having a bad year. They did rally towards the end of that game and score 19 points. They just need to get their motivation back and make good choices.

At 10/03/2007, Anonymous billy said...

Dude...we hung 75 points on a junior high school team...go Tech!

At 10/18/2007, Blogger Chris DiDonna said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 10/18/2007, Blogger Chris DiDonna said...

I'm a UCF student and we just got spanked by USF. Our season started so well in our new stadium. We are a strong team, just so inconsistent. The game I'm most proud of so far would have to be when we opened our new on campus stadium against # 6 Texas(#6 at the time, pffft). We lost 33-36. Such a heart breaker.


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