Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Building Update

As many Life & Times readers know, the church I serve at, Calvary Chapel Jupiter is in the process of building our first permanent facility. We broke ground on June 1st (there-about) and as of right now we have moving along rather swiftly. Our plumber and electrician have been doing their thing and we are prepping to finish the roof so we can install doors and windows. I'm thrilled to participate in this project. It's hard to imagine that in just about 6 months or so we will no longer have to set up and tear down or worry about whether the truck we move our two 24" trailers with will start or not. Time is tickin' away. Exciting. Click here to see more pictures.



At 10/17/2007, Blogger Kushmama said...

hey baby brother....fyi...you've gotta crazy comment on your 2 year anniversary post.

any word on a thumbs up for stained concrete? i'm pullin' for ya!

At 10/18/2007, Anonymous Jody said...

Can't wait for the new building ~ we're gonna come back and visit when it's done! Our church here is only on it's 2nd year of being a portable church and everyone is already "ready" for a permanent home!! I am so thrilled for CCJ and what a permanent facility will mean! Any special plans for the youth area?

At 10/18/2007, Blogger Chris Goeppner said...

yes, well, kinda. we will have a multi-use area that the children wil use on sundays and students on wednesdays. someone donated a pool table and we will have some computer stations. i'll keep you informed....


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