Thursday, December 08, 2005

Entertainment: More Bigfoot.

I can never get enough of Bigfoot. Seriously, I have always been enamored with this big, hairy, mythological beast. I remember as a kid Bigfoot was a big deal. There were news reports common sightings and of course Hollywood got in on the action. A great cheese show from back in the day was the Six Million Dollar Man. There were a few episodes where Bigfoot made appearances, and it really freaked me out! It was like Bigfoot was this novelty and we couldn't get enough of him. The toy makers made an action figure and I got one for my birthday! I wonder if there are still sightings? Please feel free to share your Bigfoot stories. They still fascinate me.


At 12/08/2005, Anonymous TEX said...

Dude that looks like a homeless hairy man!

At 12/09/2005, Anonymous Bryon Mondok said...

Chris, go here and click on the Bigfoot link. This is a small town near where I grew up in Northern California. It is also a hub for hippie communes and marijuana farmers.

At 12/10/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

andre the giant played bigfoot

At 12/20/2005, Anonymous BryonM said...

Chris: found this link to bigfoot sightings in the county north of where I grew up:


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