Monday, January 09, 2006

Entertainment: Too Good to be True?

Have you gotten those emails that seem too good to be true? You know the ones about free iPods? Well I've done a little investigation and found out the free iPod thing is real. Im one of those skeptical guys when it comes to this stuff. But I was just on the Unofficial Apple Weblog and read an article by a guy who has been successful in getting a free 30 GIG 5G Black video iPod. After being convinced that this is the real deal, I went on and tried it. Supposedly after 5 people hit your link and sign up you get a free iPod of your choice. I have chosen the black Nano. Now, I ask you, my blogging friends, can we try this? Let me know what you think. My link! Just click on it proceed and pass it on to others.


At 1/09/2006, Blogger freddy said...

i've heard of this too from a friend that said it worked. Worth a shot...


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