Friday, June 08, 2007

At Camp: Friday

Our last moments of camp. We had breakfast, quiet time and of course pack up and sign out. Our students were incredible as they efficiantly did what they needed to do to get our bus packed and ready to go. We then went to our last Celebration. The student were really into the final team competition. we didn't win, but I think we were the loudest and most entusiastic, by far. We took our last pictures and hopped on the bus for our trip home. We stopped of at Indiatlanic Beach, just east of Melboune. We had pizza at this amazing beach pizza joint then had Cold Stone and Starbucks. We arrived home around 5, just as planned. I must say I was very happy to get home. God was good to us this week. I believe our students are more connected to each other and Jesus than they were last week. Student Life did a good job of programming and study.



At 6/10/2007, Anonymous anne jackson said...

i miss camp so badly!!! glad you didn't lose anyone :)


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