Thursday, June 07, 2007

At Camp: Thursday

The day began in the cafeteria with another breakfast of pancakes and lots of other carbohydrates. We moved on to Quiet Time, Celebration (from Colossians 4) then to our Mission Site. Our teams did a great job of organizing and coordinating various activities, games, etc. We purchased a basketball goal from Walmart (I made 4 visits there this week!) and the Maintenance Team installed it in place of the old dilapited former hoop. This pleased the children and of course our host Miss Althea. The Rec Team put together a sweet game of kickball, then of course some basketball and toped it all off with our specialty game Medic Dodgeball. I think the kids at the Boys and Girls Club were more impacted by this game than anything else we contributed. The Program Team did a great job of alternating with the Rec Team the children in thir age groups. This made for an easier time of games and skits. At the end we all came together to have a "talk". One of our student leaders whom I have been discipling and mentoring for quite a while now, told his story and how Jesus has made an eternal impact on him. He did a great job, I was so proud of him. How cool is it when you see fruit from your ministry like that? ANyway, the children were blown away by this. We eventually said our goodbyes and went back to the Stetson campus. I took a group to the pool (a pre-shower) then went to dinner. We had a few surprises today: Aaron Mondok (Bryons son), Roger (a for ministry intern) and Nathan M. (a campus ministry guy). They all came to camp to hang out with our students, it was quite a treat for them! Our evening ended with Celebration then church time. I decided that we would treat the students to Sonic since we dont have any in SoFlo yet. I bought a bunch of chili dogs, burgers and fries. We had a great time chowing. I then shared with the students the nessecity of commitment from here on out. That camp shouldnt be a "one week stand" with Jesus, then back to your world of selfishness. I challenged them then opened up the time for them share what the Lord did in them this week. Cool stuff. The evening was complete with me getting in a litte trouble with the dorm RA. Yes me. I had bought an electronic whistle at the Mart. I thought it would be funny to blow it in the hallway. Well students thought it was the alarm and so did the RA. She called the campus security, etc. I confessed, appologized and it was over. I was embarrassed.



At 6/08/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVED going to the Boys & Girls club, it was really fun.


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