Wednesday, June 06, 2007

At Camp: Wednesday

I "slept in" a little bit this morning. Got up at 6:30 AM. Breakfast was good (the line was decent too) and we then had our Quiet Time, then Celebration. Wade Morris is a great communicator, as he quickly and I mean lightning fast, shared that salvation is the foundation, but there was an expectation of us to grow after this. Basically, grow up. Todd Agnew did a good job leading us in worship (he is not the most dynamic worship leader though; I think we are spoiled!). Our team ,Gold Rush, didn't win the Mission Team of the Day (yet!). We headed back to our Mission site. Last evening we put a plan of action together for today so that things would have an even flow to them. Our Maintenence Team had a few projects to jump on, the Program Team put together some skits, games and other inner active activities to engage with the Big Brother & Big Sister chidren. The Recreation Team put together a program for the outdoor activities and we were able to introduce the children to OUR game, Medic Dodgeball. All and all the Mission time was a god experience today. I felt like the children have connected with our students and our students have made an amazing attempt to serve the children here. We got back to the campus more exhausted today than yesterday. On the way back to campus, on the bus, I put the song "I Walk the Line" by Cash on the bus loud speakers and then "Hurt". Our students were more quiet and reflective at this time than the whole day. There was a sense of sacredness, kinda weird to me, it's Cash, the man in black. Someone asked on another blog, "what is the song for your generation?" I think the students answered that question today. After dinner we had an incredible Celebration with Todd Agnew and Wade Morris. Some of our students were really challenged by the message. We moved on to Church Group and had a time of sharing , downloading and strategy for tomorrows ministry on the Mission Site.

To follow camp from a students perspective go to the Calvary Students Blog



At 6/07/2007, Blogger m brunjes said...

Looks like camp is going great. We need to hangout when you get back.

At 6/08/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love how, you cant even see Bailey because he is moving and how monkey is just cracking up for some reason that i don't remember.


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