Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some Thoughts....

I'm ready for a couple of days off with my wife. We are going to Orlando tomorrow (Monday) and hitting Epcot on Tuesday. A couple of days to chill before craziness kicks in again.

Whats up with all of the sequel movies? Is there anything original anymore Hollywood? We tried to watch an "original" movie last night. It was called "The Fountain" with Hugh Jackman. It really sucked. It made no sence to me.

I'm curious, if your a pastor to students, where do you take your students to camp?

The Dolphins got ANOTHER QB. The post-Marino years have been dreadful for the 'Fins. Jay Feidler, AJ Feeley, Gus Ferotte, Duante Culpepper, Joey Harrington and now.....Trent Green?

I love my new pack, quality material, holds my laptop(s) perfectly and has a ton of space.

The iPhone comes out in a couple of weeks. I'm tempted to go for it, but I know that there will be a newer more powerful and functional iPhone in a year. I might as well get the most out of my Pocket PC and then go for the iPhone. Anyone planning on buying one on June 29th?

I can finally smell a little bit and even taste some! I have had this altitude sickness hangover for almost 3 weeks!

"The most sacred thing I do is care... Today I am in charge of picking a great new healthcare plan. Right? That's what this is all about. Does that make me their doctor? Um, yes. Like a specialist." - Michael Scott on choosing a new healthcare package

Knee surgery countdown: 16 days!



At 6/10/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think i agree with you. I will by the iphone next year. I can wait with my razor sharp razor..HAR HAR HAR!

Brother in christ


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